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swinging through the 80s pt 01

First TimeAnalInterracial Sex

Location: University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1981. In early May of that year, I packed up my papers and cleaned out my desk for the summer break. Having just finished my second year of teaching world history at the University. I was 27 years old that summer and was feeling pretty good. I’d done my time teaching high school while I worked on my Masters. But after getting my master's degree, I'd finally landed a job in Kansas. I'd gotten two raises, and things were looking great. The pay was even better than I’d hoped for. I had a beautiful wife named Janet of three years. Janet was 25 at… Read more

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Piss Fun


This is a story from when I was 26. Still very much a party a****l in those days. Confused, not caring what I did a lot of time. In a steady job but when it came to the weekends anything could happen and usually did. This weekend I was bored, no one was out and I was stuck inside on my own. Being horny and frustrated and no current play partners was not good for the soul or mind. Add to that my tendency to plunge my mind into doing something stupid or hedonistic. It led my mind to working overtime on a few fantasies especially when browsing online. It was through this browsing certain hook u… Read more

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Birthday Quickies

TabooFirst TimeGay Male

"Happy Birthday!" I woke suddenly with my face feeling cold and wet. I was disoriented for a second before I snapped back to reality. My older brother was standing over me with a cup in his hand, smiling wickedly. "What the hell Jake!" I yelled. My brother had obviously thrown water on me. I was furious. What a piece of shit! Why couldn't he just leave me the fuck alone? Why couldn't I get any privacy from him? "You're eighteen bro! Time to be a man," he said laughing. I ignored him and got out of bed to grab a towel and wipe my face off. I looked back to see my pillow and sheets were wet.… Read more

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Sister gives her brother the gift of a lifetime

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

To this day I still can't believe my boyfriend talked me into it. I never thought things would turn out the way they did. I guess I just want to blame someone else, when in fact, I just let things get carried away. The thing is, even though I know it's wrong, I'm not sorry it happened. I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself, I should start at the beginning. My younger brother Tom was turning 18 years old and I was trying to think of an appropriate gift. Between the apartment and the car, there was very little money left over for non-essentials. I asked my boyfriend if he had any ideas.… Read more

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Bi With A Twist


"Where's Kelly?" Teresa asked Larry, her brother, as he entered the house. Larry wagged his head. "She's at home. She didn't want to leave the house." Teresa wryly smiled and shook her head. "She never leaves the house. She never gets out. Did you tell her we wanted both of you to come over?" "Yes, I told her. But, she..." he wagged his head again. "Hey, Larry," I called out from my seat on the living room sofa. "Go join Randy," Teresa said. "I'll fix us all a drink." Her brother watched Teresa as she walked to the kitchen. She was dressed in a short tight skirt and tight blouse. She was… Read more

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Bi - Incest Cuckold

TabooGroup SexHardcore

Hello friends today this is a story about an encounter with me my sister and another guy. I am 40 and my sister is 39 since was 18 me and my sister have been having fun together but we never fucked till she got married all these years we were having oral sex and her husband did not like orals and she was addicted to it so we continued our fun and my wife though she is good but I have continued my secret sexual fun with my sister. Whenever we get time we go to the outskirts of the city and book in a hotel as husband and wife and have some amazing fun. This story of one such time, my sis's husb… Read more

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Bhabhi Teaches Sex


This happened when I had just completed my 19 years. My elder brother had got married a year ago. We are two brothers and a sister who is already married. My parents are very religious kind and were always busy in religious activities. My brother was doing garment business and I was studying in college. My Bhabhi liked me very much, because I was the only one to whom she could talk in home when brother was away on duty or touring. She looked after me very affectionately and gave me every emotional support and care, and I felt at ease even in my parents' absence. She was very nice to me. She c… Read more

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Bhabhi Ki Chudai


First of all I'd like to introduce myself to you, my name is Inder. I'm 26 and living in Delhi,. We are two brothers and one sister living in a combined family system, sister is younger than me and brother is older than me and married, he is also living with us with his wife, her name is Gita and she is a dynamite, it all happen to me when my brother got a job abroad and he left for Canada just after 3 months after his marriage. He was not willing to go but our economical situation was not very good and in order to support his family he had to go. As I already told you that we were living tog… Read more

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The Great Orgy

HardcoreGroup SexTaboo

After her encounter with the “witchdoctor” Bhavita had resumed her life as a physiotherapy student at the university of Durban Westville. She was still obsessed with black cock and could not get rid of the horniness between her luscious creamy thighs. She was in a constant state of arousal and her pussy was always moist with her lubrication. The reason for this was that there were many black studs on campus and she saw all of them as potential fuck partners. However even her lust for black cock could not drive her to approach them. Sometimes she wished the black stallions would just force them… Read more

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Gaint Cock

HumorHardcoreFirst Time

Angela was searching her brother's desk for her calculator when she ran across an odd-looking jar of brown stuff. She picked it up and read 'Pheromonic Testosteric...' followed by a foreign word not readable or pronounceable. She removed the lid, sniffed: "Mmmh nice," she thought, noticing only a little was gone, then put it back wondering what her geek brother used it for. She found the missing calculator and went back to her room angry and vowing to yell at him for borrowing without asking. He'd even gotten the keys greasy! The jerk! Angela lives at home and attends the area tech school in… Read more

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BDSMInterracial Sex

"If you don't pull this truck over right now, I swear I'm going to throw myself out the damn door." She said. She felt him ease off the gas and pull into the unpaved pathway between two fields. He put the car in park and she opened the door quickly, stepping out into the night. She'd had enough of his reticence, his inability to open himself to a life brimming with wonder. She was done. She heard his door open as she rounded the back of the truck and then he was in front of her. "What do you want from me?" He asked, his voice was deep but sounded somewhat fearful. He'd lived his life curled u… Read more

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Stacy’s story part two, Stacy’s gets closer to fin

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

- Part Two Frank got off of the phone and told me with a look of relieve “alright good, we got that taken card of” he then instructed me to go change into the waist high pantyhose so we could get those out of the way before Tyson got there. I was flabbergasted, I couldn’t believe he honestly just expected me to stand behind a rack of clothes and shave my vagina. He didn’t even ask, he just assumed that I would do whatever he needed me too. I spoke up and said yeah sure I just have to call james real quick. One I wanted to remind frank that I was married and that he has even met my husband se… Read more

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Forcing my elder cousin sister

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Forcing my elder cousin sister “Priya?” I went my elder cousin sister’s room and she was on the computer chatting with her husband who was working in Dubai. “Yes Rahul, what do you want?” Priya asked turning around and she was wearing a white t-shirt and matching white leggings. The t-shirt material was very thin, it couldn’t hide her bra and her breasts flesh which was popping out from her was bra cup was clearly visible. I instantly got an hard-on and the bra had failed to hide her sharp nipples which was poking out from the bra and t-shirt. Priya was my elder cousin sister who was in her… Read more

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Gay MaleFirst TimeGroup Sex

The train journey to London was uneventful. Dan did some work online and made a few business phone calls but he took time to chat to Blake occasionally and point out places of interest as they travelled south. Blake was captivated by a novel that Dan had given him to read. It was a novel by an American author about a gay teenager and his relationships with some much older men. By 5.30pm they had unpacked and Blake's thoughts turned to dinner. "Are we going out for dinner this evening or eating in the hotel?" he asked. "I had hoped we would be having dinner with an old school friend this even… Read more

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Highway Patrol

TabooFirst Time

My job as a state trooper has its occasional benefits. I’ve been a Florida Highway Patrol officer for about ten years. I used to patrol the I-4 corridor, I-95, and the Florida Turnpike in central Florida. But since I am single and they needed more surveillance in south Florida, I agreed to transfer down there. Right away I was assigned to patrol I-75 between Naples on the west coast and Fort Lauderdale on the east coast. I-75 is also known as “Alligator Alley” and the “Everglades Parkway.” It gets a lot of tr… Read more

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My 3 Daughters

First TimeTabooFetish

Three of my five daughters live with me and my little sister. My girls have always been close with me. If they're having a bad night they can come cuddle and fall asleep next to me whenever they want to it's been like that since day one. They blossomed into absolutely stunning Young women. And all three of them are very very close in age. 28 months after my wife and I parted ways things began to get very very... intimate between all of us. My oldest daughter is 19. I caught her in her room one day watching my PornHub channel on her 55 in television screen... Crest in heels stockings a garter a… Read more

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My Cousin and Second Cousin

First TimeTaboo

Sheila and her daughter were so hot that I had to have them both! My cousin, Sheila, and I had played together as k**s. Back then her family lived in town, so we were together a lot. We’d go to the Saturday afternoon double features at the Strand Theater, then play and re-enact the movies as we walked home. She was a tomboy to me…not a girl. We were the same age and ‘sex’ was a word that did not exist in our vocabulary. But as you might imagine, we grew up and in our teenage years, we began to look at each ot… Read more

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Submissives Education Center


The Submissive Education Center: An educational center where women learn to become perfect submissive sluts ... Education program: On their arrival at the Center, the recruits are tied up and undressed ... being totally naked is the only dress code of the Center ... Our instructors will then test their three orifices ... First their mouth ... [image class="align-center size-medium"]https://thumb-p9.xhcdn.com/a/Ktja7gPiZtHOt4Ct2oS4Jw/000/453/295/859Read more

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Ten Men Fuck Me

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I wanted to share the details of Alex and Adam's sex party/orgy last Friday before I start getting in to this weeks fun with Rachel and Taz. I also thought that writing about it would get me turned on and super horny for when I meet the young couple later tonight. Little bit of back story for those of you who haven't been following my sexual adventures over the last decade. Alex is a guy I knew through a group of guys I hang out with, here on the coast north of Sydney. I was, and still am, completely in the closet with that group of people. So, four years ago when Alex outed me as being the f… Read more

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Learn Love & Lust 2: LOUISA LOVE

First TimeTabooVoyeur


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